Wheel Repairs & Refurbishments

Alloy wheels look great, until you have a meeting with a kerb! Here at The Wee Spray Shop we carry out repairs to all types of wheels/
Modern wheels can be very complex, but by using modern techniques and processes we can get your wheels looking like new, or if you like totally different by giving them a new colour.
We take extreme care when working with wheels. They get alot of abuse in day to day life so the finish needs to be prefect to prevent dirt and moisture getting under the finish, The Wee Spray Shop will ensure you get many, many more years out of your wheels.

Wheel repair process

Step 1

Firstly we remove the wheels from the car, and if needed we then remove the tyres.

Step 2

We prepare the wheels by cleaning them thoroughly to remove old paint, laquer and dirt to ensure the surface is fully prepared for the new paint.

Step 3

The wheels are painted to your desired specification, we use several coats to achieve a deep rich colour. This is then topped of with a tough top coat.

Step 4

We then bake your wheels in our oven to ensure the finish is tough and durable, just as they left the factory. The results speak for themselves.